Chris Evans has announced where he stands on the whole "which chip is best" in the Frito-Lay variety pack debate. Mr. Captain America took to Twitter to profess his love for Cool Ranch Doritos, and got into a friendly back-and-forth with Octavia Spencer in the process. 

In response to a user who asked followers to rank the Frito-Lay pack, Evans made it clear that the original Lays have no place in his kitchen, and the Nacho Cheese Doritos are far inferior to their Cool Ranch counterparts. Likely anticipating that his ranking would spark debate, he reiterated to his followers that he would not be engaging. "I will not be taking questions," Evans wrote.

Following Evans' announcement, Spencer took to the comments section to question the logic of her Gifted costar. "Dude? seriously?????? Now you know cheetos is top dawg!!!!" she wrote. 

Rather than letting their disagreements stand as is, Evans responded to Spencer by noting that the decision wasn't an easy one for him to come to. "Look, this wasn’t easy for me," Evans wrote. "But the bottom line is, I can put in more work on a bag of Cool Ranch than any other chip. Let’s just acknowledge their dominance and move on. I really don’t want this to affect our friendship."

His ranking likely has nothing to do with his Avengers character being plastered across the front of the Cool Ranch bag.