Kim Kardashian is not here for anyone telling Khloe Kardashian how to live. After one Twitter user criticized the reality TV star for appearing in public the day after news of her significant other's cheating scandal broke, Kim did everything but tell the poster that it "smells like broke in here" with a ruthless lesson in celebrity economics. 

"Would you prefer she lose the 💰 too?" she wrote. "A single mom has to work too boo! This was a professional commitment planned far in advance and you better believe she is not waiting on anyone to pay her bills or provide for her daughter. PERDIODT!!!"

And it's not like Khloe isn't dealing with the situation in her own, extremely online way. She unfollowed Jordyn Woods on Instagram after the world found out that Tristan Thompson was stepping out with Khloe's former friend. Because breakups are messy, she still follows Tristan. 

If you're wondering if Kim always keeps that Big Sister Energy, the answer is yes. She was way out in front of unfollowing the sneaky snakes. Outside of the expansive Kardashian empire, plenty of folks have weighed in on the scandal. Recent participant in a public cheating narrative Cardi B said that we shouldn't reach out to the Kardashians unless it's to lend a hand.

"Instead of laughing at their pain, just uplift them,” she said in an IG live rant.