Our very own Speedy sat down with the cast of Glass to talk about their characters and the movie, but Sam Jackson had some things to say about Trump's wall and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Jackson on Trump's wall:

"It's ridiculous. It's as crazy or as wack as the wall was in Germany for all those years. It smacks of stupidty, racism—so many different things that thing would represent. But, you know, it's totally representitive of the person who wants it most."

Jackson on the new Spider-Man:

"Looks like fun to me. Hopefully it's an interesting addition to that Marvel Universe. I'm sure there are Spider-Man fans that are gonna have a great time with it. It's a little bit of a travel log 'cause they're kinda all over Europe, like a high school European trip. So, it's gonna be to see it in that way, an interesting character in Jake Gyllenhaal's [Mysterio], and I had a good time with Tom [Holland]; he's a great kid."

Glass opens this weekend.