Netflix has introduced a new feature to its mobile app, allowing users to share their favorite titles on streaming platform directly to their Instagram Stories. The feature has been introduced to the iOS version of the app as of Tuesday, and will be hitting the Android version in the new future. Operating on a similiar basis to the Spotify Instagram Stories feature, which allows users to share their favorite music on their Story, the new Netflix update arrives sees the streaming giant tapping into their already sizeable userbase even further.

So far in 2019, Netflix have proved that they are incredibly adept at dominating the conversation on social media when they want to. BirdboxYou, and the Fyre Festival documentary have all had huge engagement on Twitter in the new year, and with this update it would seem as though they're making it easier than ever for users to recommend what they're watching.

Upon opening the mobile version of Netflix, users will be able to hit the share button on the title of their choice. From there, Netflix will generate artwork for whatever they've chosen. It's a pretty simple integration, but it definitely shows that Netflix is very much aware of how much influence they have when it comes to word of mouth. See how it works in Netflix's tweet revealing the news above.

Some cool news: Starting today, iPhone users can now share what you're watching directly to Instagram stories via the Netflix app!

— See What's Next (@seewhatsnext) January 22, 2019