Those of us who were hoping to spend the final days of 2018 with some new Black Mirror episodes now have cause for cautious celebration.

An Esquire-spotted Mirror report claims that a since-deleted tweet from "an official Netflix account" listed something called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch with a Dec. 28 release date. That date would mark the final Friday of the year, which is exactly when we got new Black Mirror in 2017. 

For eagle-eyed Black Mirror fans, that title—Bandersnatch—should look familiar:

The name should also be familiar to fans of the many well-crafted universes of writer Lewis Carroll, whose 1872 book, Through the Looking Glass, included creatures known as bandersnatches. The bandersnatches also popped in for Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark poem two years later.

Fans have also pointed out a certain Bandersnatch mention circa season 3, as well as a 1984 video game of the same name:

Naturally, this has all been very exciting for people who prefer to mix in a little dystopian introspection with their holiday malaise:

When reached by Complex and asked to respond to these reports, Netflix declined to comment.

Among the expected new episodes, about which we reliably know very little, is a fully interactive (and unintentionally meta?) multi-narrative episode not unlike those old Choose Your Own Adventure novels.