Director Michael Moore finally got to finish his 2003 Academy Awards speech at Saturday's Critics' Choice Documentary Awards.

After winning a Best Documentary Oscar for Bowling for Columbine, Moore used his speech to criticize then-President George W. Bush's War on Terror. He was booed as the ceremony's music ushered him off the stage. The moment happened just five days into America's invasion of Iraq. Fifteen years later, while receiving a lifetime achievement award, Moore finally got the chance to finish the speech.

"I never got to finish that speech. So if you wouldn’t mind…it’s not long. I’ll start with how I began, what you actually saw on television," Moore told the crowd before going through it, according to IndieWire.

After reliving the moment, Moore pointed out that the same war he was speaking out against is still going on as he referenced current President Donald Trump.

"Fifteen years later now, tonight, we are not only still at war, but we have a president who has declared war on our democracy and war on us," Moore said. "Keep picking up those cameras, everyone here in this room, because the people gathered here tonight, you may be America’s last line of defense. And hopefully the first line of rebuilding this country that he is currently destroying."

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