Lee Daniels and Dame Dash have reached an agreement in their lawsuit regarding a $2 million movie investment.

TMZ reports that Daniels and Dame have abandoned the suit and agreed to pay their own lawyer fees. Dame allegedly loaned $2 million to fund 2005's Shadowboxer, which was directed and co-produced by an early-career Daniels. When Daniels didn't pay Dame back, he confronted Daniels during a Diana Ross concert earlier this year.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Dame and Daniels can be seen talking. Dame looks fairly argumentative as he says, “No, no, no, no, I need to know what are we doing about this? ‘Cause we about to issue another lawsuit and I’m going public with it.” Dame continues, “As a black man,  I gave you money that you needed, so how you not gonna give me my money?”

Daniels is calm, as he assures Dame that they’ll talk and he’ll get his money back.

Dame then filed a $5 million lawsuit, which included interest and lost profits.

Documents acquired by TMZ don’t reveal how much Daniels gave Dame, but it seems that Dame is satisfied with the settlement. He told TMZ, “I'm good. Just happy two people from the culture could work things out.”