Consider yourselves warned, Narnia fans: Not all secret portals to other worlds are good. In what feels like a twisted version of the C.S. Lewis classic, two parents (Robert Sampson and Sarah Marshall) are desperately trying to hunt down their daughter Tina (Tracy Stratford) who's gone missing. Well, not completely. They can hear her sobbing and crying for help perfectly well, but their MIA little girl is literally nowhere to be seen.

Why? Because she mistakenly ventured into another dimension through an opening in a bedroom wall. When the twosome finally happen upon the entrance, thanks to the help of a family friend (Charles Aidman), it's less Turkish Delight and friendly fawns, and more of a bad acid trip with a fog machine. Definitely not a place we'd care to be stuck forever—and with the entrance closing more and more rapidly, it gives us chills to think that two-thirds of the family came this close to living unhappily ever after.