A White girl who loved playing with her grandmother’s golliwog collection as a child visits a Black memorabilia museum with her Black best friend in search of nostalgia. She begs the creepy curator to purchase a little golliwog on display and it’s obviously not for sale because the golliwog represents Black pain and has generally seen too much evil. Plus, who rolls up to a museum trying to buy artifacts on display? 

But of course, how dare he tell her no, right? Even her Black friend agrees that she should be able to buy the golliwog because she couldn’t possibly be racist since they’re friends and that this isn’t white privilege at all. It’s just nostalgia people, lighten up! 

The women, plus the White girl’s brother, sneak into the museum later that night to steal the golliwog and this goes rapidly downhill from there. Obvi. 

They break the golliwog out of its case; it then becomes a giant golliwog and all hell literally breaks loose. Everyone dies, but not before the White girl, who is the last victim standing, and completely desensitized to witnessing the murders of her loved ones, seduces the golliwog as a nigglet watches. She ends up getting pregnant. Her final moment includes baby golliwog dolls shooting out of her pregnant belly (think Alien style) to the glee of the creepy curator and even then she can’t get over how much she loves her little golliwogs. In the end, she got what she wanted and the concept of White fetishization of Black pain is quite clear because MESSAGE! 

Bonus points for the nostalgic nigglet appearance, though, right? But other than that, wtf!