Just days out from the release of Season 2 of Luke Cage on Netflix, the streaming company has uploaded an action-packed clip that includes a one-armed Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick) and Colleen Wing (played by Jessica Henwick) being unconcerned with impending trouble at a nearly empty bar. What results next is a one-sided ass kicking of said troublemakers.

As for the description of the clip, Netflix writes:

In season two of Marvel’s Luke Cage (premiering June 22), Misty Knight grapples with the loss of her arm. She feels powerless and alone, but she’s not. She finds solace in friend, Colleen Wing, who (with some tough love) inspires Misty to reclaim her power...

You can watch the latest clip for yourself up top. 

The second season of Luke Cage, which stars Mike Colter as the titular character, will find its way onto Netflix on June 22, with the first episode being directed by Lucy Liu. Sounds like a decent reason to skip work or whatever.

And who knows, maybe a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff will be arriving on Netflix sometime in the future.