David Simon, showrunner for The Wire and The Deuce, returned to Twitter on Friday after being banned for tweeting that a Trump supporter "should die of a slow-moving venereal rash that settles in your lying throat," and should "die of boils." In response to these tweets, Twitter locked him out of the platform.

The producer was critical of the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey earlier in June at the ATZ Television Festivals, reports Deadline. During the "Politically Minded" panel, where he was joined by The Good Fight creators Robert King and Michelle King, he said, "I’m going to get back on [Twitter] and I’m going to basically say all the same things I got thrown off for, and I’m going to tweet them at Jack Dorsey. I’m going to use the exact same language on the premise that telling somebody they can drop dead is not harassment."

He wasn't lying.

He started off by tweeting, "@jack, @twitter, @TwitterSupport: Still waiting for a cogent explanation of why the common rhetoric of telling assholes to drop dead is prohibited on your shithole platform. But allowing said assholes to slander women who have had children kidnapped is fine by you..."

In a second tweet, he said, "Still waiting, @jack, for an explanation of how telling assholes who slander 14-year-old Holocaust survivors they should drop dead is impermissible, but the slander is allowed to repeat itself for months on end on Twitter."

Simon's Twitter rant went on for a total of 13 tweets.

Check out Simon's hot mess of a tweetstorm in its entirety below.