You can’t knock the hustle. After undergoing hip surgery, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's father called his son with one request—a bigger car. “My pops just had his hip replaced and called me and said ‘Hey Mr. D the surgeon really feels like I should have a bigger car since my hip rehab,’” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “I cut my dad off and just started laughing because I knew what he was hustling for.”

Johnson advised his dad to pick out whichever car he wanted, and in just a few hours, he received a picture with his pops standing next to a brand new Escalade.

Johnson remembers his father being “a tough MF” when he was a child. “He’d kick my ass from one side of the gym to the other for years,” he wrote. “I hated it when I was a kid, but grateful for it as a man.”

As Forbessecond-highest paid actor on the planet, the wrestler-turned-Hollywood-heavyweight could probably buy his dad a couple of matching Escalades, too. A few “ass kickins” sure do go a long way.