Zendaya has now joined the growing list of celebs who have bought out movie theaters to bring kids to see Black Panther. The 21-year-old brought 300 kids from her hometown of Oakland to see director Ryan Coogler's inspiring Marvel film. Coogler himself, as well as Killmonger actor Michael B. Jordan, also hail from Oakland. 

Zendaya shared the special moment on Twitter, expressing that all who joined her where, "much like this movie, absolutely brilliant."

As Black Panther continues to smash box office records, more and more kids (and adults, natch) are being exposed to the wondrous world of Wakanda. Zendaya joins the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Lupita Nyongo, Octavia Spencer, T.I., Serena Williams, and Captain Marvel star Brie Larson in providing the resources for kids to have the opportunity to see this masterpiece. 

Fans were quick to share in Zendaya's joy on social media as well.

Wakanda forever...Oakland forever!