Black Panther stays breaking box office records. Disney confirmed to Deadline that the Ryan Coogler-directed film is expected to hit the $400 million threshold at the domestic box office by the end of Sunday. During its 10-day run, the Marvel movie reached $400 million in four less days than The Avengers. Black Panther is also the second-quickest to reach that mark behind Star Wars: Force Awakens, which set the record at eight days.

The movie’s second weekend now sits at $108 million, the second-best second weekend ever behind Force Awakens’ $149.2 million. Black Panther beat out The Avengers’ $103 million raked in during its second weekend, making it the best-ever second weekend for a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s also the best second session of any film in the pre-summer season, beating the $90.4 million that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast raked in.

Black Panther continues to dethrone other Marvel movies after having the highest-grossing first week in Marvel Cinematic history, earning $292 million domestically over The Avengers' $270 million.

The film’s social media success seems to reflect its box office triumph. Twitter surged from 137,000 to 559,000 hashtags for #BlackPanther and @BlackPanthermovie on opening Friday, and the buzz hasn’t died down during the film’s first week with 352,000 daily posts on Twitter, according to Deadline.

Numbers don’t lie. Marvel’s latest masterpiece set in the fictional land of Wakanda is that good. There’s no telling what other records Black Panther will break next.