After Wonder Woman smashed the box office in 2017 and became a DC superhero success, Warner Bros. is getting the crew back together for a sequel that will reportedly, maybe, possibly feature the villain Cheetah as Diana’s main foe.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are returning to Wonder Woman 2, which will be set in the Cold War era circa the 1980s. Director Patty Jenkins will also be returning to the helm for the sequel, but there are very few other details known. Fans are still anxiously awaiting a title.  

That Hashtag Show is reporting that Wonder Woman will be pitted against Cheetah in WW2. According to the site, Warner Bros. has started casting for the film ahead of its summer production, and even considered Emma Stone for the role. The Oscar-winning actress allegedly passed on the offer. Take this all with a grain or three of your favorite brand of salt.


Cheetah’s storyline for the upcoming film would allegedly follow the Barbara Ann Minerva version of the villain. In that iteration, Minerva is a British anthropologist who becomes the avatar of the cheetah god and gains superpowers after stumbling upon ancient ruins in the lost city of Urzkartagan. She’s the most recent iteration of the Cheetah villain after being reintroduced in the DC Comics reboot in 2011.

Production for Wonder Woman 2 begins in the U.K. at the end of May. Perhaps by that time we’ll have more details on what the sequel will be titled and if Cheetah will be indeed making an appearance. The film is slated to hit theaters Dec. 19, 2019.