UPDATED 1/18/18 2:39 p.m. ET: David Harbour's request was met in less than 24 hours. Because he's a real one, he stuck to his word and has even already begun the logistical planning required: by DMing the bride, but also locking in his cake demands. 

But Harbour did have something else to add. "I'm making it seriously hard next time, Internet, this is not over between us..." he wrote. Has Harbour never used the internet before or something? There is practically nothing that the collective hive mind won't do, especially on Twitter. Good luck thinking of anything that we can't achieve.  

See below for original story published on 1/17/18. 

After fulfilling his promise to star in a California teen’s senior photos, David Harbour is ready to grant even more wishes, as long as his own modest wishes get granted too.

“What would it take to get @DavidKHarbour to be the Officiant at my wedding in September?!,” @ErickaElizabth tweeted to the 42-year-old Stranger Things actor. Harbour responded with his requirements. “125k retweets. Provided date works with s3 shooting schedule, I will get ordained and perform ceremony,” he tweeted. He also requested that he get to read a love letter of his choice and eat the first piece of wedding cake, which is totally fair.

As of this post the couple's original tweet has gotten 51,500 retweets; Harbour's tweet itself has more than 77,000. If the couple can pull off the rest of the requirements, Harbour will be able to add ordained wedding officiant to his laundry list of accomplishments. This month the actor won a Critics’ Choice Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. He’ll be starring in the next Hellboy along with Things' third season.

Earlier this month, Harbour agreed to join Orestimba High School senior Damaris in her senior portraits after 25,000 retweets, complete with a trombone and pom poms. Harbour’s character Hopper may be a bit cranky, but the actor seems more than happy to fulfill the wishes of his biggest fans.