Spiderman: Homecoming hit theaters on Thursday, and fans and critics seem to agree that it's already one of the best movies of the summer. Spider-Man remains a fan favorite, despite having six whole movies to his name. But Homecoming is different—and not just because the movie poster got mercilessly roasted on Twitter. The movie is so good that many people are calling it the best Spider-Man movie of all time.

And they're not entirely crazy for making such a bold statement. The cast is refreshingly diverse, and hopefully, the movie’s success will serve as inspiration for other superhero movie casting directors. Now that Spider-Man is back under the Marvel umbrella, you get the sense that everyone involved tried very hard to make the movie feel as authentic as possible, respecting the origin story when needed but diverting from it at times as well.

The entire premise of the movie is different this time around, focusing on a teenage Spider-Man living in Queens and enduring some of the same high school drama that we’ve all faced. In a sense, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a superhero coming of age tale. Spiderman was already one of the most relatable superheroes, but watching him lust after an older girl and get picked on by a bully makes audiences relate to him even more. Which is probably why fans everywhere are taking to social media to rave about the film:

But a movie doesn't receive such glowing reviews from a solid storyline alone. Fans and critics alike are also heaping massive amounts of praise onto the film’s cast, particularly 20-year-old British actor Tom Holland, who plays Spidey, and Michael Keaton, the Oscar-nominated badass who plays Vulture, the film’s villain.

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