Why the New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Poster Is Being Mercilessly Roasted

Twitter has no mercy for that new 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' poster.

'Spider Man: Homecoming' poster
Image via Sony
'Spider Man: Homecoming' poster

Yesterday was another stellar day for fans of Sony and Marvel's upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming. With the release of the third trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming came a rather confusing poster, though. As you can see up above, while Spider-Man and Peter Parker are both featured on the poster... so is everything else, turning what should have been another easy win for the Sony and Marvel promotional machines into a mess.

For most of us, we were stuck trying to figure out who Donald Glover would be portraying in the film based on the 10 words he uttered in the trailer, but Twitter wasn't here for this poster, and let their feels be known in a serious roast session of this poster, many which included hilariously edited versions of the poster.

First up was the "why the hell is Iron Man all up in the poster" party.

Whoa guys, I'm starting to think that Iron Man might show up in this #SpiderManHomecoming movie. pic.twitter.com/PlCTtsTn0N
I don't think they got their point across well enough with the new Spider-Man poster so I made a few changes pic.twitter.com/ZjnzmK3xmY
An even more accurate poster for Spider-Man Homecoming by @MonsieurFunches pic.twitter.com/vCnO6atviQ

Others just figured ,"Why not throw in all of the leading Hollywood males."

I'll be honest: I tried to improve the very busy SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING poster, and I no longer know where the original ends and mine begins pic.twitter.com/Sazywe9gwh

Others just had very specific things to pick at, all of which are valuable points to make.

Why does Jon Favreau look like he's 75 in the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster? pic.twitter.com/FKJdhY8QCZ
wow love this spider-man homecoming poster pic.twitter.com/mekNoNSe19

And because the internet is so helpful, many just felt like they could fix it on their own.

I fixed the poster for #SpiderManHomecoming GET HYPED! pic.twitter.com/DOsYakE1hC
I fixed the Spider-Man Homecoming poster pic.twitter.com/j87XZ6HuoK

Although some speculate that Marvel and Sony were just trying to cut corners...

Marvel exec 1: "who should we get to do the Spider-Man poster?"
Marvel exec 2: "my toddler is good at cutting out shapes & gluing" pic.twitter.com/3YRXA6mN84

Whatever the case may be, they at least got it right with the previous poster.

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