The saga between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran just went nuclear. TMZ has learned that the actress and model has filed a restraining order against Brown after he threatened to kill her. The Associated Press confirmed the restraining order.

In a sworn statement issued to a judge, Tran claims Brown told people that he planned on killing her. The statement also alleges that Brown’s threats stem from jealousy, and that he threatened to “take me out” and “shoot me,” Tran said.

Tran also revealed that Brown was abusive throughout their relationship. Accusations include Brown punching Tran in the stomach on more than one occasion, and pushing her down stairs. According to TMZ, the beatings would have occurred shortly after Brown pleaded guilty in his Rihanna assault case, which means that the singer was in violation of his probation.

The restraining order states that Brown is to stay a minimum of 100 yards away from Tran, her mother, and her brother, but the judge might want to think of extending that to Tran’s friends as well, who Tran claims Brown also threatened, and has thrown drinks at.

The news comes just weeks after Brown admitted that he takes pleasure in making his exes lives “miserable.”

Following news of the restraining order, Brown took to Instagram to promote his upcoming tour and update the status on his boxing match with Soulja Boy, which Soulja said "was off" just yesterday.

Between these two items, he also mentions, "Make sure y'all don't be listening to all this bullshit, man." It's unclear if he's referring to the Soulja Boy issue or Karrueche, but it's especially interesting given the timing.