Season: 9
Network: HBO
Premiere Date: TBD
Starring: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, J.B. Smoove

Not long after D**a*d *ru*p won the presidential election and gray clouds descended over the country (literally in NYC, at least), Larry David's daughter Cazzie Instagrammed a snapshot of the Curb season nine set with a much needed reminder that "laughs and smiles are on the way." It's early, but 2017 can't possibly be too trash because against all odds, the Bald Asshole is indeed coming back to our television screens, where he belongs. It's been, like, five and a half years since Larry David annoyed the fuck out of someone just by being his usual prickly, uninhibited, proprietor of social injustices self, just long enough to assume that maybe he really had no interest in returning. Yet here's LD, back on HBO's roster, never on schedule but always on time. "How is Larry's sense of humor going to fare in the woke era?" is a question that's been pondered by some. I expect it to be exactly what we need. —Frazier Tharpe