Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are pretty much the definition of couple goals. Since their "wedding of the century" five years ago, the duo have traveled the world flaunting their perfection in all of our peasant faces. As if their relationship wasn't already perfect, the two are also parents to the cutest babies that have ever lived. It's safe to say, they're a real life fairy tale.

Most recently, Will and Kate visited Canada and embarked on a nationwide tour. The couple brought their little nugget children with them, and transformed everyone's eyes into heart emojis. From the face-pressing, to the Trudeau swooning, the whole thing was a PR success. The family eventually departed the country at the beginning of the week, and truly seemed to have had a blast.

Well, that was until we saw their "thank you" video. Using their official Twitter account, Kensington Palace posted some weird, David Lynchian footage, and scored it all with an equally creepy, ambient music bed. Check out the weirdness below.

What in the fresh hell was that? Why is it grey? Why is it in slow-motion? Why does it look like a memoriam video? We have no idea! Even more confusing, the footage used, comes from a seemingly delightful day in the garden. According to reporters who were present at the time, it was a beautiful and sunny day.

Of course, Twitter users were a little creeped out. Check out some of their reactions below.

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