Tom Hanks seems like a super nice (i.e. decidedly not Road to Perdition-esque) dude. If the fact that he signs all his tweets with 'Hanx" isn't enough evidence for you, there's also this little detail: Hanks Hanx gleefully crashes fresh couples' otherwise basic wedding photos just for the hell of it.

Hanks did exactly that to New York City couple Elisabeth and Ryan over the weekend, as reported by the Daily Dot by way of an understandably popular Reddit thread. The Central Park moment of Hanks-given joy was captured by the pic-grabbing team at Meg Miller Photography, who should definitely be stacking up those Instagram likes by now:

This seemingly random act of Hanxness, however, is somehow not the first time this dude has pulled a Bill Murray Lite on one of his fans. The Turner & Hooch star previously engaged in acts of wedding photo crashing during the 1993 Forrest Gump shoot in South Carolina, as noted by Uproxx

Being nice to people is cool and all, but what's the actual scoreboard looking like? Well, as reported by Variety back in January, Hanks recently dethroned the one and only Denzel Washington to become America's favorite movie star. But this dude is barely getting started. Just wait until Hanks gets hit with some Denzel-level memeification. You can currently peep Hanks in Clint Eastwood's Sully, if that's the sort of thing you're into.

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