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Have you noticed the alarming spike in clown sightings across the United States recently? Let's do a quick recap. NOT TO ALARM YOU (but be totally alarmed), there were those Alabama teens dressed as clowns, a dude in North Carolina, another one in South Carolina, a clown in Kentucky, a Chicago clown, a posse of clowns in New Jersey (one even carrying a sword), a Tennessee clown, a Pennsylvania one, and, of course, Wisconsin's very own Gags the Clown. All of these sightings—some even as serious as reaching harassment—happened this year, in recent months in fact. One 11-year-old even brought a knife to school this month to "defend herself from clown attacks" (honestly, can you blame her?).

If these clown incidents aren't telltale signs of an imminent apocalypse, I don't know what is. One possible explanation, which we've brought up in previous clown reports, is that this—at least some of it—may all just be a marketing stunt for the upcoming remake of Stephen King's It (starring Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard), which just wrapped production, shortly after the original film celebrated its 30th anniversary. 

Unfortunately, the film's producer, Barbara Muschietti, denied on Instagram that the studio, New Line, was involved in any of those terrifying clowns cropping up across America. The studio's spokesperson Cathy Nam also confirmed with THR today, saying, "New Line is absolutely not involved in the rash of clown sightings." Yikes.