Date of Fucking: Spring 2013-ish
Pre-Fuck: Was the Hot, Brooding Guy in Scream 4, Starred in Fox's The Following​
Post-Fuck: Now, is Hot, Brooding Guy on Younger, Came Out as "Sexually Fluid"

Of the men on this list, Tortorella and Lohan seem to have been friends for a long time, including right before her May 2013 stint in rehab where she joked on Instagram that Tortorella was proposing (so maybe that’s it?). In 2014, Lohan posted pics of Tortorella on her Instagram, yet again, of the pair prepping for a dinner party that included his on-off girlfriend Bethany Myers. Tortorella now stars as the hot love interest of Sutton Foster on TV Land’s Younger (also starring Lohan’s rival for Aaron Carter’s heart Hilary Duff) and recently said he’s "sexually fluid" much to the delight of anyone with a pulse.