Is Ryan Phillippe More Hip-Hop Than You? Here's His New Tattoo in Honor of Sean Price

The former teen heartthrob from 'Cruel Intentions' is a huge rap fan, who knew?

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Your boy Sebastian from Cruel Intentions is actually a hardcore rap fan, who fucking knew? We had no idea until today, but as it turns out, Ryan Phillippe is really into hip-hop. He revealed as much to The Hundreds' Jensen Karp earlier this year in a chat covering everything from growing up with Slick Rick and EPMD to being a big fan of Drake, Kendrick and Lil Wayne's music today. But despite a solid appreciation for the mainstream—his top five are Jay Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Wayne—he truly earned credibility through his fandom and subsequent friendship with the late rapper Sean Price.

He posted a touching Instagram tribute to Sean upon his passing and now he's apparently doubled down on honoring dude with a very dope and detailed Sean Price tattoo on his left arm. Peep photos of Ryan's new ink below (from Dallas Penn, via Sean's wife Bernadette). Hopefully he can forgive us for doubting that he keeps it 8 more than 92.

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