Samantha Bee took the entire country to task on this week’s Full Frontal, arguing that everyone—even Democrats—are possibly to blame for the meteoric (and terrifying) rise of Donald Trump. Ahead of Super Tuesday, Trump is still dominating the Republican candidates with relative ease. His closest rivals, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have been consistently outpaced by Trump’s proudly undereducated supporters in nearly every possible way. On the Democratic side of the battle, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton remain relatively close while simultaneously figuring out how to best defeat Trump should the race to the White House truly tragically come down to that.

Accurately referring to Trump as a "tangerine-tinted trash can fire," Bee broke down exactly why the 2010 midterm election was so crucial in shaping not only the current state of our government (i.e. general gridlock) but was also instrumental in facilitating the rise of Donald Trump Donald Drumpf. "The most important election of your lifetime wasn’t in 2008," Bee said, criticizing the low voter turnout from Democrats in 2010. "It was two whole years later and you didn’t vote in it, and you got your ass kicked."

According to Bee, the absence of generally more informed voters in that election laid the truly unholy groundwork essential for the development of a Trump-like figure concerned solely with preying on the irrational, often xenophobic fears of America's most vulnerable. "You know who didn't sit 2010 out?" Bee asked. "People who were old, white, and super cranky about something."

And what exactly has "old, white, and super cranky" gifted us with? Well, in terms of sheer Trumpery, the leading (by that aforementioned wide margin) Republican candidate is a guy who sometimes can't decide whether to outright condemn the Ku Klux Klan, occasionally endorses the killing of so-called "terrorists" using bullets dipped in pigs' blood, and continues to have an endless series of Twitter-based encounters with the grotesque world of Neo-Nazism.