Donald Trump, low-key Nazi supporter?

Of course, it's far more likely that the unofficial asshole of the year is either: a.) not good at Photoshop, or b.) just kind of stupid (the correct answer is "both"). Shortly after amazingly immediate replies started to highlight Trump's Nazi slip, the tweet and photo were predictably deleted — though the beautiful power of the screengrab is currently working its magic.

However, one must inquire — what the fuck is happening in that picture? Even without the laughable oversight that spawned the inclusion of Nazi soldiers, the photo is a baffling display of Walmart-near-the-Fourth-of-July levels of hollow patriotism. I mean, if you were to ask an everyday racist (even a common racist miles of purported class and status beneath Trump) to outline the most important aspects of American culture using only photos they could find on Creative Commons — they would probably send you exactly what Trump's team ended up using here. In fact, one swift googler tracked down the original image by simply searching iStock for "German soldier":


#NaziGate aside, it's an incredibly exhausting time to be Donald Trump. Actually, it's an incredibly exhausting time just to witness Donald Trump attempt to parlay his idiocy into full-blown political royalty.