Typically, when Donald Trump decides to unlock the orange gates of his mouth to deliver some words he put together (all by himself!) in his brain, as many as seven billion people are immediately offended and understandably terrified. After all, Trump is a guy whose supporters are known to partake in distinctly Trumpian activities like consuming one's dried nasal mucus on live television and urinating on homeless people before physically assaulting them.

Thus, for fresh Full Frontal host and Daily Show alum Samantha Bee, a few recent sound bites from Sir Orange came as quite the shock. "Listen up, Creamsicle," Bee said during a Full Frontal segment earlier this week, referencing some recent remarks from Trump regarding Planned Parenthood. "We had a deal. You open your face hole, garbage spills out, I make jokes, I get to keep my comedy job! You're not allowed to make sense."

For the record, Trump's shock-inducing statement occurred during a recent GOP debate exists in real life as follows:

"Excuse me. There are wonderful things having to do with women's health."

The comment, in response to criticism from half-melted action figure Ted Cruz regarding Trump's past asupport of the worthy-of-much-praise organization Planned Parenthood, is vague and offers no real vote of support from the leading GOP candidate regarding the protection of women's rights. However, it's not negative in nature and it's certainly not concocted from the same stash of sexism Trump so often pulls for his fourth-grade-reading-level speeches.

Shockingly sane words from Trump, yes. But Donald Trump is surely working hard to promptly contradict himself by the end of this week. In fact, Trump caught some well-earned boos when phoning into Stephen Colbert's Late Show on Tuesday night. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Trump's reaction: