The GOP Texas debate is going to be a key moment for the now five man race led by Donald Trump, also featuring Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson (Yes, he’s still here), and Jon Kasich. The candidates meet for the tenth debate ahead of Super Tuesday on March 1. For the uninitiated into the chaos that is U.S. democracy, on Super Tuesday 12 states will get to vote for candidates. Historically winners have gone on to the secure their parties nomination. So it’s a YUUUGE deal. Cruz may have won the Iowa caucus, which seems like eons ago, but it’s been Trump’s game ever since, with him taking back-to-back wins in South Carolina and Nevada in the past couple of days. 

Riding some momentum from a second place finish in the Nevada caucus Rubio will definitely try to land some hits, especially against Cruz who might have home field advantage tonight. Follow along for updates and catch the COMPLEX News YouTube livestream

Trump is asked about his immigration plan that would deport millions but, let “the good ones” back in. He cites 11 million people are in this country illegally and the best of ‘em” would be welcomed back only after a long strenuous process. Trump fires back saying Rubio was in favor of Amnesty.

Rubio talks about Trump’s flip-flopping stance on immigration saying in 2011 and 2012 Trump talked about a “pathway to citizenship.” He also pointed out Trump’s hired people that have taken away jobs from Americans, even being fined $1 million for hiring polish workers for a project.

Cruz not taking it from Trump says,“I find it amazing that Donald thinks he discovered the issue of illegal immigration.” Cruz talks about how he’s been fighting against “illegal immigration” while Trump was busy on reality TV. 

Trump drags Cruz:

Trump responds to former president of Mexico Vicente Fox saying he’s not paying for the wall saying, “if i even used half of that word it’d be a national scandal.” Though he seems to forget he joked about shooting a person in the street and got no flack for it.

Marco Rubio: “We are the party of diversity, not the democratic party.” 

Trump says he would defund Planned Parenthood because he’s pro-life, but acknowledges millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood. 

Ben Carson discusses how he would look at Supreme Court nominees:

Rubio continues to hit Trump, this time asking him to explain his healthcare plans and not just keep repeating himself. Rubio jokes how he's the one that's supposed to repeat himself. 

While being questioned about releasing his tax returns Trump says he can’t release his tax returns because he’s under audit. He takes a jab at one of the CNN moderators after he asked Trump about a promise he made a year ago on his radio show about releasing the returns. Trump says no one listens to his show, as the ratings would show. Earlier tonight Trump took a jab at the Telemundo network (sponsoring tonight’s debate) saying he doesn’t believe anything they say after journalist Maria Celeste Arraras cited a Telemundo poll. 

Trump continues to swing, takes on Cruz.