Sequoia Park zoo just wants its baby back. Masala, a young red panda, has been missing since she escaped from the northern California zoo on Thursday, the Guardian reports. Zoo officials still don't know how she got out (she probably picked up tips from the pugs and the penguins), but they've launched a full-on social media campaign to find her and bring her home.

Gretchen Ziegler, the zoo's manager, said in a press release that staff and volunteers spent Friday night searching for Masala to no avail. She also said that the zoo is relying on the public to report sightings and eventually track Masala down. "Red pandas can be active after dusk and at night so please keep a look out, especially if you have bamboo growing in your garden," Ziegler wrote. "And remember, drive carefully."

So far several sightings have been reported, but none have been confirmed. Red pandas are small—about the size of large house cats—with adorable bushy tails. If you happen to see Masala, Ziegler said the best thing to do is call the zoo and keep an eye on her from a distance (read: resist the urge to cuddle her like the adorable fluffy creature she is).

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