Cheaters can't catch a break in 2015. After enduring the ongoing fallout from the Ashley Madison hack, cheaters surely assumed that even their most egregious of offenses were relatively safe as long as they were physical and not digital. However, one woman in Sheffield is out here making sure everyone knows that is most certainly not the case:

Though no one seems to know who exactly Lisa or Paul is, the advertising agency who sold "Lisa" the temporary space was a bit more forthright in their intentions. "She just wanted it on during rush hour," Kong Media representative Mark Catterall tells increasingly esteemed literary journal the Daily Mail. "The Sheffield Parkway is always jammed as it is the main artery in and out of the city in the morning and the client wanted [the sign to be displayed] while her ex-partner was driving to work."

Though the sign was only displayed for approximately three hours on Tuesday, one can assume that a large number of Pauls and Lisas in Sheffield will have profoundly interesting conversations for many days to come. "It's a professional approach to dumping someone," adds Catterall, "but we are happy to carry marriage proposals as well."

Ah, yes. American opportunism has finally made it abroad.