Spotting a fuccboi from a mile away is no easy task and might require a little help. Take Gemma, a girl who knew her boyfriend had a wandering eye and decided to get to the bottom of it by having him hypnotized into subconsciously letting her know every time he checked someone out. 

The hypnotism, performed by hypnotist Archie Manners on Gemma’s beau Scott during a date, was a part of E4’s new TV show Look Into My Eyes. Gemma appears on camera before the hypnotism and explains why she wants to do it saying, ‘He’s a great boyfriend but he does this sly little look when girls go past.' Newsflash Gemma: he ain’t that great if he’s checkin’ out chicks, but I digress.

Soon enough Scott started slapping himself like crazy as more girls passed by on the street and when an attractive waitress, planted by the hypnotism prank show, comes to take their order. ‘I honestly didn’t know he looked at girls that much,’ said Gemma.

It only got worse for Scott who got hypnotized a second time with Manners ordering him, "Every time you have a sexy thought you are going to show what it feels like." That ended up entailing Scott wiggling around every time he mentally cheated on Gemma, which was a lot. Don't try making a drinking game out of this or you'll die, trust. 

At the end of the day Gemma was more than willing to forgive her boyfriend saying: "It won’t change anything." 

[via Daily Mail]