Unless bathing in the comforts of an upper echelon salary, flying can be a bit of a chore. In fact, there's an entire online community dedicated to exposing the most chore-synonymous passengers from all over the globe. However, sometimes that task of forced human interaction can warrant some unexpected gold, as was the case for Kelly Keegs while waiting to leave Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Sunday.

The day began innocently enough, with Keegs making a harmless and relatively inconsequential joke at the expense of old people:

Little did she know, she was about to be gifted with an in-flight breakup so gloriously ridiculous that to not livetweet it would have been a downright reckless decision. Speaking to Barstool Sports after her #PlaneBreakup tweets swiftly went viral, Keegs said she initially thought little of the couple, however immediately annoying they may have been. "The two were SO drunk," Keegs said in an e-mail, "[then] came on the plane and I just thought they were loud and annoying at first, but then she SHRIEKED and started crying loud enough to capture the attention of everyone in the front of the plane."

And that, dear friends, is where this delightful melodrama begins:

Of course, the real star in all of this is the mysterious "Charlotte," surely reveling in the sudden fame-by-association, right?