Dating rumors are a dicey, often dystopian pursuit — until, of course, such rumors land on an involved party's affiliated network. As E! News reports, Khloé Kardashian and former Lil B curse recipient James Harden were spotted together at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas — leading many to assign coupledom almost instantaneously.

One of E!'s sources, predictably unnamed, revealed that Kardashian and Harden engaged in the usual Vegas tomfoolery — namely "snacking on chicken fingers and fries, salads and fruit." Though E! stops short of assigning the coupledom status with as much veracity as other outlets, commenters held back on nothing as they bombarded Harden's Instagram  — voicing their global non-wisdom with the usual flare for hollow wordplay.

As you surely guessed, Harden's former flame Trina swiftly took to Twitter to briefly and eloquently voice her thoughts on the matter:

If you're into blurry watermarked images depicting everything you just read, then enjoy one below via TMZ: