In the summer of 2014, Lionsgate and Saban Films announced a new Power Rangers movie, rewritten for the 21st century. The movie's release date was set for July 2016, now about a year away — but little progress has been announced since then. The good news: it looks like the project might finally have a director. 

Filmmaker Dean Israelite is in talks to direct the project, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Israelite made his directorial debut with this year's sci-fi flick Project Almanac, which tells the story of group of teens who discover the blueprint for a time machine — and naturally, they build it, and things quickly unravel from there.

Michael Bay, whose production company Platinum Dunes oversaw Project Almanac, called Israelite a "talented first-time director," — although, granted, it was in the context of an apology he made for the team using real plane crash footage in the movie

It's unclear who will be cast in the Power Ranger movie (we have a few thoughts about that), or when production will start, but Israelite joins two fantastic writers, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, who previously worked on X-Men: First Class. Miller and Stentz wrote the script for the Lionsgate movie, retelling the story of the '90s TV show The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for this day and age. And with that source material, how can you go wrong?