For the first time in history, Michael Bay is involved with a film that actually didn't use enough special effects

Bay released a statement apologizing for the use of real-life plane crash footage in a scene from the upcoming movie Project Almanac, produced by Bay's production company Platinum Dunes.  The sci-fi film is directed by first-time director Dean Israelite, and featured a scene where characters watch a plane crash on TV, according to The GuardianUnfortunately, that footage was from an actual disaster that killed four Air Force officers in 1994.

From Bay's statement: 

“Unfortunately today I learned that the movie Project Almanac, produced by my Platinum Dunes company, directed by a talented first-time director, used a two-second shot in a grainy news clip of a real B-52 crash. When the director presented his cut to me, I actually thought the short clip was a created visual effect like many of the other shots in the film.”

“I let film directors make their movies at Platinum Dunes and give them tremendous responsibilities. Well, unfortunately a very bad choice was made to use a real crash instead of creating a VFX shot, without realizing the impact it could have on the families.”

Here's the first trailer for the film:



Now if Bay will just apologize for Transformers: Age of Extinction, we should be about even. 

[Via Uproxx]

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