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'80s and '90s babies who had good taste in Saturday morning cartoons lost their shit a couple of weeks ago when that fan-made Power Rangers re-imagining starring Dawson and Starbuck hit the net. And rightfully so. As far as fan-fiction goes, it was top-notch, albeit a little convoluted and overly gritty for darkness' sake. Even before the short film leaked, a real, honest-to-goodness, Hollywood-backed re-imagining was already slated for release next summer.

At press time, no details, casting, or plot are known about the upcoming Power Rangers movie, besides implications that the script is indeed drawing from the original Mighty Morphin iteration (not the countless spin-offs, from Zeo to Space, that followed). In the interest of capitalizing on Hollywood's current hard-on for YA franchises, the characters will probably be teens. (There goes that, James Van Der Beek.) What will the movie look like? Does it stand a chance of holding a candle to the Rangers' first, nostalgia-classic silver screen outing (one time for Swag Lord Ivan Ooze)? Of all franchises '90s babies hold near and dear, is a Power Rangers remake really something we're dying to see? Answers to these questions are likely very far off, and when that's the case, there's only one worthy pastime for the interim: wild speculation.

The most important thing about this movie will be the casting, so here are our picks for all six rangers and villains. Most would probably never happen in a million years. We all loved the Rangers squad but let's keep it a buck; their mythology is not ironclad as some comic book shit. Producers aren't out here casting for Tommy and Kimberly, fam. These picks were made less so with specific characters in mind and more based on the character traits each Ranger typically, embodies no matter which spin-off.