One week after The Walking Dead introduced several new characters in "Claimed," this week's outstanding episode, "Still," focused on two survivors searching their souls and searching cabinets for booze.

Separated from the group after the chaotic fall of the prison, reluctant zombie apocalypse leader Daryl (Norman Reedus) keeps Beth (Emily Kinney) alive by hiding in car trunks and "suck-ass camps," where they dine on woodland creatures. As nice as it seems, Beth wants more. Freed from the yolk of her beheaded teetotaler father Hershel, the preacher's daughter declares that she needs to have her first drink and leads Daryl on a mission to find one.

During their search, they climb up and down the socioeconomic ladder, from a country club with zombies in polo shirts, to a redneck shack with a moonshine still like the ones from Daryl's yokel past. There, the pair engage in an awkward drinking game that seems like foreplay but illustrates the gulf between their pasts, sparks an argument, cathartic crying, hugs, and a quiet moment of reflection over some grain alcohol. Daryl reveals that he was a worthless nobody before the zombie apocalypse made him and his crossbow so fucking cool and important. Beth beats herself up about having had dreams of normalcy back when it seemed life could begin anew in the prison. Ultimately she concludes that they both need to put the past behind them, which results in them setting fire to the shack (igniting the low class moonshine with a stack of greenbacks taken from the hoity-toity country club) and flipping it the bird. And now they are reborn, to probably be eaten at some point in the near future.

It only featured two main cast members but "Still" was full of great GIFs, and we hand out awards to the best of them here.

Best Advertisement for Any Food Other Than Rattlesnake:

Best Golf Swing Zombie Kill Mulligan:

Best Worst Suggestion for a First Drink of Alcohol:

Best Ethering of the Performing Arts:

Best Proof that Thugs Need Hugs:

Best Zombie Apocalypse Makeover:

Best Outtake from the "Money Ain't a Thang" Video:

Best Overly Dramatic Leaving the Past in the Past:

[GIFs via Uproxxa-pathetic-fangirlanarchyandhorrornormiereedus]

Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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