If you’re going to rip something off, you might as well rip off from the best. For the second half of season four, it looks like The Walking Dead is doing its best Empire Strikes Back impression by splitting up the main cast of the show into smaller splinter factions and following how each of them deals with the fallout of the prison battle.

After focusing on Michonne, Rick, and Carl last week, the latest episode, titled “Inmates,” reveals the whereabouts of the four remaining groups, comprised of regulars like Maggie, Glenn, Tyreese, and Daryl. We also learn that Judith has been taken in by Tyreese after the prison war and that Carol survived being excommunicated by Rick earlier in the season. There was also the highly anticipated debut of Abraham (played by Southland's Michael Cudlitz), whom fans of the comic will instantly recognize.

In all, it was an episode that provided more questions than answers, and even more reason to anticipate next week's installment. But you can't put a bow on "Inmates" until you check out who won our coveted Walking Dead awards from last night:

Best reveal: The return of Carol.

Least sensible outfit to wear during a zombie apocalypse: Rosita Espinosa’s hot pants.
 Creepiest memento: Glenn’s picture of a sleeping Maggie.


The worst use of a Molotov cocktail: Glenn lighting a car on fire rather than the herd of walkers.

Best PTSD freakout moment: Tara Chambler's therapeutic skull crushing.

Outstanding achievement in little white girl sadism: Lizzie Samuels.

[Gifs via Uproxx, Fuck Yeah Walking Dead]

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