After a down year, The Walking Dead closed out the first half of season four on an extreme high with a climactic prison battle and the death of two of the series’ mainstays, Herschel and the Governor. But instead of riding that momentum and giving fans more zombie action and unpredictable plot twists, the midseason premiere, titled “After,” decided to slam on the brakes and focus on the effects the assault had on Rick, Carl, and Michonne.

For an hour, The Walking Dead acted as a therapist's couch as Rick and Carl worked out their father/son issues, while Michonne suffered her own private mental meltdown as a result of the Governor’s return. In the process, demons were battled, Carl took his first steps towards manhood, and vast amounts of pudding were consumed.

Take a look at the episode’s highlights, in GIF form:

Creepiest Family Reunion: Michonne’s unsettling nightmare

Best Cameo: Herschel’s head

Best Assist: Rick axing up a walker, Carl mowing it down

Best Rambo Moment: Michonne lays waste to a herd of walker

New Favorite Zombie Apocalypse Snack Food: An inexplicably large can of pudding

Best Moment for People Who Hate Carl: Carl eating a face full of door

[Gifs via Fansided, Uproxx, Tumblr

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