On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, the gang heads out to Seoul, South Korea, which adds a cultural flair to the spiteful backstabbing and OD side eye. Sharleen scores the episode’s only one-on-one date, where she explains the definition of “bland” to an ironically uncommunicative Juan Pablo. And, the group dates include a dance lesson with K-pop group 2NE1 as well as an outing in the city that seems haphazardly put together and poorly organized overall.

The evening culminates with a shade-ridden standoff between Nikki and Clare. Ultimately, it’s underwhelming, but there’s definitely potential for one of these broads to smash a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial over the other one’s skull in a later episode. So, there’s one reason to tune in.

Lauren S. and Elise are sent home packing, but—quite frankly—they were on borrowed time. Lauren S. blames herself for not getting a rose, but it’s all Renee’s fault. I’ll explain.

To make order of The Bachelor’s ceaseless fuckery, Complex Pop Culture ranks the show’s contestants every week based on their unyielding desire for meritless fame. Without further ado, the fourth installment of Thirstiest to Thirstiest-est: The Bachelor Power Rankings.

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