Movie: Goodfellas (1990)
Who does the sonning? Billy Batts (Frank Vincent)
Who gets sonned? Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci)
Context: Ball busting is all fun and games until someone gets stomped, stabbed, and shot to death. Just ask Billy Batts, the gray-haired made man who mouths off to Tommy DeVito. This is bad, because Tommy is a lunatic. Everything in Goodfellas changes on June 11, 1970, the night Tommy and Billy meet at the bar hosting Billy's "Welcome Home" party. Fresh out the clink and with a drink in his hand, Billy Batts feels pretty sure of himself. For the amusement of his friends, he teases Tommy about how he used to shine shoes. "No more shines," Tommy says, one comment away from killing Billy, something the older hood doesn't quite appreciate. It looks like they'll make nice, but Billy has to have the last word, has to assert himself to Tommy, who he'll always consider a kid. "Now go home and get your fucking shinebox," Batts says before taking a drink. Later, Tommy comes back to the bar and, whatareyagonnado?, murders him. Salud. —Ross Scarano