Sometimes reality can trump anything fiction has to offer. This is one of those times.

Police say a 25-year-old Virginia man broke into a wireless store and smashed a case that held several iPhones. Obviously, this wasn't one of the brightest ideas this man has had in his life (c'mon, has he not read about the low-cost iPhone that is supposed to be coming out soon?) Anyway, boom—the man was off with the iPhones in hand, the perfect theft. When cops responded to the alarm, they found the case of missing iPhones. But hidden under broken glass near the door, they found something new: a Samsung Galaxy. Hm?

So, this happened back in February. After looking through surveillance footage, the police got an idea of the thief's appearance and build, then they traced him using the subscription information on the Galaxy phone he left behind, and found out his name is Travis Montgomery Snyder. Once they had a match, they arrested Snyder on Monday. 

Samsung saves the day. Justice served.

[via CNET]