Stars: Jim Jefferies, Dan Bakkedahl, DJ Qualls

If you love God and hate a certain word for female genitalia that rhymes with hunt, Jim Jefferies is not the comedian for you. The Australian atheist made a name for himself on stand-up stages in Britain and the U.S. dropping c-bombs while joking about coke binges, child molestation, and why God would be an insufferable, egotistical, hate-filled asshole if He actually existed. (In a famous 2007 incident that went viral, one man who didn't appreciate his perspective attacked him at a Manchester comedy club.)

Many of Jefferies’ best bits made their way into his semi-autobiographical FX series, Legit, where he plays a stand-up comedian who gets into sticky situations with his pathetic roommate Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) and Steve's brother Billy (DJ Qualls), who has muscular dystrophy and an impressive penis he's physically incapable of handling. Longtime fans surely recognized the stories about taking Billy to a prostitute to lose his virginity, or pretending to be gay to win an argument on a plane. Unlike Jefferies' stand-up shows, though, Legit balances all the unapologetic shocks of rape and handicap jokes with occasional sincere sentimental moments that make it even more effective when it's time for one of the guys to wipe Billy's ass. —JM