Every man has been dragged to a romantic comedy against his will. Most of us have been lured into multiple nights of romcoms, always believing that they will increase our chances of getting into a woman’s pants, and usually being wrong. There are those lovely times, however, when the movie itself is worth it, regardless of how things play out afterwards. But, we are not here today to talk about anything so enjoyable and hilarious as Annie Hall, Love Actually, and When Harry Met Sally. In fact, we want to explore films that are just the opposite.

These are films that might actually turn off or even repulse the viewer and turn down the heat in any room. There is no chance that these films will put your lady in the mood for love. We’ve taken a bullet for you all and identified the worst chick flicks, so you don’t have to chance sitting through one on your quest to unlock your lady’s chastity belt. These are The 50 Worst Romantic Comedies.

After you read this, you’ve got nothing to complain about if you end up watching one of these on one endlessly inane night your girl, because you have been warned.

Written by Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)