Since we here at Complex are all about keeping our readers informed on the latest happenings in all pop culture arenas, far be it from us to hold out on you when it comes to news about Justin Bieber's love life. Since you desperately want to know, the teen pop star recently made headlines for renting out the entire Staples Center to enjoy a private screening of Titanic with his boo, Selena Gomez. (What have you done for your girl lately?) Apparently he got a surge of inspiration after watching Mr. Deeds, in which the title character (Adam Sandler) pulls a similar stunt for his shady love interest (Winona Ryder) at Madison Square Garden.

While Deeds and Bieber's over-the-top Hollywood dates might have set the bar high for the rest of us, they also got us thinking about whether such grand gestures would actually seem as "grand" were they not conceived with moviegoers (and TMZ) in mind, or if they'd just seem ridiculous (and maybe a little creepy). Before you go seducing your love interest with a crew of flash mob dancers or placing an engagement ring in some unfortunate chick's shrimp, consult our list of 10 Romantic Gestures From Movies You Should Never Try In Real Life.