You have to respect a guy like Adam Sandler. Even if his simple and unassuming comedies aren’t your definition of hilarity, it’s not like he gives a damn, anyway. Hollywood’s perennial everyman does things his way: Over his 20-plus-year career, the multimillionaire has done a scarce amount of magazine interviews, instead opting for sporadic appearances on late night talk shows, which he typically makes in bargain-bin T-shirts and sneakers. But while he keeps his comedy and clothes rather lowbrow, we have to respect that the Sandman never settles for less than the sexiest female co-stars. The duality of average Joe and insanely beautiful Jane is unavoidable in his latest, Just Go With It, opening this weekend. Sandler plays a womanizing plastic surgeon who tries to bag a buxom prize (former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover-girl Brooklyn Decker) by posing as the soon-to-be-divorced father of Jennifer Aniston’s kids. Two beauties for the price of one—what a guy. Join us as we toast the man by counting down Adam Sandler’s 15 hottest movie hookups.

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