There are certain times when it’s acceptable for men to cry like pre-teen girls. Chief among the examples is when your favorite team loses in the big championship game, or when a hottie bails in mid-foreplay after peering down below and laughing at what you’re packing (peep Hung star Thomas Jane’s advice for that matter). But tearing up due to a movie? That’s a bit more taboo.

At the risk of losing any masculine credibility, however, we’re here to admit that 50/50, the new “cancer comedy” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, nearly drove our eyes to wetness. Directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness), 50/50 (in theaters tomorrow) is the fictionalization of screenwriter, and Rogen’s close friend, Will Reiser’s experiences coping with the news that he has the potentially fatal disease, and how the affliction affects his family, pals, and own mental state.

Per Rogen’s involvement, it’s often hilarious, showing how two twenty-somethings deal with the situation through courting women and cracking tension-breaking jokes. 50/50 really achieves cinematic superiority, though, when the emotions take center stage, once Gordon-Levitt’s impending surgery becomes a present reality.

With 50/50 making its debut this weekend, viewers’ tears are imminent, especially from dudes—this isn’t Steel Magnolias. Levine’s terrific film has more in common with its peers on our countdown of 25 Movies Guys Are Allowed To Cry At. If anything, use this to update your Netflix Queue for future date nights. Your boys might bust your balls for sobbing, but, trust us, chicks dig it. Well, most chicks.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)