Director: John Shepphird
Stars: Connie Sellecca, Corbin Bernsen, Cole Sprouse
Shitty Gift Equivalent: Pics of your girl cheating on you with a fat balding old man.

We've all had the same thought: "Man, that song about that kid's mom cheating on his dad with Santa needs to become a feature film." Your lips to God's ears. In this film, a little boy sees his mommy kissing Santa—well, his Dad dressed as Santa—and then vows to have his revenge.

He is quite naughty all year, doing everything in his power to make sure Santa skips his house next Christmas Eve. We would have preferred a film where Santa actually destroyed a marriage and young Justin had to come to grips with having a single Mom. No, Santa would never become his step-dad. You know he can't be tamed and has a couple thousand women in every town.