The annoying, insufferable, precocious child is a stain upon many a great film. Sometimes they work within the narrative, but mostly, no matter how understandable their situation is, they just get on everyone's nerves (including the audience's).

If there's one archetype that's a notch above annoying kid on the Nuisance Meter, it's the disagreeable, problem-child sibling. The familial relation and all the baggage that comes with it adds an extra layer to their bullshit antics, and in some cases they bring the whole film crashing down around them. With Fun Size, Josh Schwartz's directorial debut centering around an unruly kid brother running amok on Halloween, in theaters now, Complex casts a stink eye towards cinema's frustrating lil' bros and sisses with The 25 Most Annoying Younger Siblings In Movies.

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Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)